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***Lifeweb is difficult to work into a live-action setting and is recommended for Non Player Characters only. National Storyteller approval is required for player characters to learn this Arcanos.***

ifeweb is the study of the ties between wraiths and the living world. A master of this Arcanos' secrets can sense and manipulate the bonds of the Fetters, handling their energies as a weaver manipulates her shuttle and loom.

Lifeweb allows a wraith to monitor her Fetters' energies, keeping track of them even at a distance. Some sit at the heart of this web, extending their senses to any "troublespot" as it is disturbed. Others actively walk among people, places, and things, marking some as temporary Fetters in order to watch over them more efficiently.

Unfortunately, Lifeweb is simply too difficult to simulate properly for it to work well within the confines of Oblivion. The various powers of Lifeweb are listed below for Storyteller purposes, but characters should not be permitted to take Lifeweb at the risk of running Narrators absolutely ragged. Effects are listed below but systems are not; it is assumed that for Narrator characters, systems will not be necessary.

Use the Investigation Ability for retests with the Lifeweb Arcanos.

Innate Abilities

Locate Fetter:

The wraith may "check up" on any of his Fetters, scanning its surrounding. This ability also permits the wraith to sense a Fetter's distance and direction.

Basic Abilities

Sense Strand:

The wraith can scrutinize the patterns of energy surrounding wraiths and their Fetters. He may perceive the links between a wraith and her Fetters, sense whether something is in fact a Fetter or not, and if so, identify the wraith attached to it.

Splice Strand:

The wraith may create an attachment with a person, place, or thing, making it a temporary Fetter.

System: Both the wraith involved and the object must be touched in some manner by the Monitor doing the splicing, at which point the connection is made. The Fetter may be maintained from day to day, but only one temporary Fetter at a time can be maintained with this art.

Intermediate Abilities

Sever Strand:

The wraith exercising this dread art can tear another wraith from his Fetters. She can only accomplish this in the presence of the target Fetter, but can rip it away through raw force of will.

Advanced Abilities

Soul Pact:

A wraith who has mastered this art can claim a willing mortal's soul as his own. This is usually done as part of a contract where the mortal promises her soul in exchange for help from "the other side." Thereafter, while the mortal lives, she becomes a Fetter of the wraith. When the mortal dies, the wraith becomes instantly aware; if the mortal becomes a wraith, she and the monitor continue their link.

Monitors Guild: Lifeweb Arcanos

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