he Monitors were not as vital to Stygian society as the Pardoners, Masquers, or Artificers. They often trained their Guild members as Reapers, and as such had considerable influence on the Lemure population. However, their focus on the mortal world kept them from achieving as much influence in Stygia as some of the other Guilds.

Since the fall of their Guild, the Monitors have become even more defensive than before. They refuse to teach other wraiths any but the most remedial arts of Lifeweb, unless absolutely convinced of their pupils’ trustworthiness. Current rumors accuse certain ex-Monitors of running protection rackets, threatening other wraiths’ Fetters unless bribed, and linking wraiths to objects that are about to be destroyed.

Monitors never close their eyes, not even in Slumber, and by this they may be detected.