Outrage Symbol

here are several ways to affect the living world from the Shadowlands. Outrage is the Arcanos that manifests a wraith's strength of will as a kinetic force. Its arts are all physical or violent in some form or another, as are its practitioners.

Use the Brawl Ability for retests with the Outrage Arcanos.

Innate Abilities

Leap of Rage:

By focusing his emotion and will in the Shadowlands, the wraith becomes capable of extraordinary leaps and jumps.

System: The wraith enters an Extended Static Physical challenge which he may add to any successes he would normally score when making a leap or jump. This art can also be used to change direction in the Tempest.


This Innate Ability allows the wraith to manipulate the smallest objects in the material world. The wraith may only move objects about the size of a bottle cap, and these just a small distance in any direction. This tends to be useful for attracting the living's attention or pressing small buttons.

System: The wraith makes a Static Physical Challenge and spends one point of Pathos to use this art.

Basic Abilities


This art permits the wraith to affect the Skinlands more fully. Wraithgrasp may only be used to lift small things, although a powerful wraith may lift sizable objects (and then drop them at his leisure). The object can be lifted to a fair height before the wraith releases it.

System: The wraith enters an Extended Static Physical Challenge. The number of successes indicates what can be lifted. Objects may only be lifted, not pushed around, manipulated, or moved in any other way. The use of this art costs one point of Pathos. The wraith using this art must physically lift the item (or card for the item) being affected by this power, demonstrating what precisely is being done with it.

Stonehand Punch:

The wraith summons his anger and lashes out across the Shroud, striking his target with raw force. This art can also be used on objects in the Underworld, including other wraiths.

System: Each success on an Extended Physical Challenge inflicts one Health Level (or Corpus Level, if the target is a wraith) on the subject. This art costs two Pathos per strike.

Intermediate Abilities

Death's Touch:

The wraith may now manipulate objects in the physical world. This art permits typing, opening windows and so on, just as if the wraith was solid. The wraith may alternately choose to create some friction, starting fires without any sort of material source of flame.

System: The wraith enters an Extended Static Physical Challenge and expends three Pathos. The wraith's delicacy and control depends upon the number of successes rolled. The power lasts up to one minute per success. To start a fire, the wraith also expends three Pathos points and enters into an Extended Static Physical Challenge. The number of successes indicates the heat and extent of the fire. The wraith using Death's Touch must narrate the events that she causes to happen by using this power, acting them out whenever possible. Obviously, mortals will not see the wraith, only the effects of her powers.

Advanced Abilities


This hideous art allows a wraith to damage someone or something so severely that it can be sent to Oblivion. Material objects thus destroyed vanish into Oblivion, unless Inhabited by a wraith (in which case they become relics). Using this art on objects or relics in the Shadowlands sends them directly into Oblivion. This can also destroy wraiths and mortals, forcing their souls into Oblivion.

System: The Spook enters and Extended Static Physical Challenge. If trying to affect another wraith, the target may make the challenge an Extended Physical Challenge instead. Each success inflicts one level of aggravated, nonsoakable damage. Living creatures suffer Health Levels of damage, but their souls fall into a Destruction Harrowing if they are slain. Wraith reduced to zero Corpus through this art also immediately fall into Destruction Harrowings. This art costs three Pathos, and also the wraith gains three Temporary Angst points. As to staving off Oblivion is the Hierarchy's reason for existence, sending a soul to the Void is frowned upon by the authorities. Any wraith known to have used Obliviate on another soul will be wanted for questioning at the very least. In addition, other wraiths are likely to be skittish around someone who can send them to the Void with a (relative) minimum of effort.

Spooks Guild: Outrage Arcanos

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