Dark Arcanoi

hile some Spectres can use the basic Wraithly Arcanoi, there is an entire set of powers reserved for Spectres alone. These are referred to as Dark Arcanoi, and are used by the Shadow-Eaten in their never-ending campaign to bring about Doomsday.

But there are a few brave souls who have decided that the only hope lies in taking the fight to the enemy. Some of them do it for money, some do it out of hatred, and some do it for well, no one wants to look too closely at what motivates a Doomslayer. But regardless of why they do it, they do it. Pushing the envelope, giving it their all, anything and everything to give them that edge in the battle with Oblivion. For these few, learning the dark arts is a calculated risk, but a risk they feel they have to take.



Hive Mind



Shroud Rending