Gold Gate
Gold Gate

***These Rules are copied directly from the out-of-print Oblivion. Some may differ from the Camarilla's Prime Rules. In such cases, the Camarilla's Prime Rules will apply.***

here are times when a player will want to have her character do something that canít be accomplished through simple roleplaying, such as attacking another person, picking a lock or even searching or a file in a computer system. When this happens, you need rules.

Rules are an imperative part of any game; they define what can and cannot be done. Without them, there would be chaos Ė in effect, there would be no limits. Your limitations and parameters help define who you are and give you a sense of accomplishment when you manage to triumph over them, and others.

Still, the primary focus of this game is to tell a good story, and itís always best to try to defeat your opponents through roleplaying and manipulation rather than by direct confrontation. When confrontation does occur, rules are necessary to govern those situations.

Time Challenges

Complications Abilities

Health Willpower

Fair Escape Combat

Basic Wraith Abilities Skinlands and Shroud

The Tempest Experience