ttributes are everything a character naturally, intrinsically is. Are you strong? Are you brave? Are you persuasive? Questions such as these are answered by the way you distribute your Attributes, the Traits that describe the basic, innate potential of your character.

The first step is to prioritize the three different categories of Attributes, placing them in order of importance to your character. Are you more adept at physical matters than you are in social situations? Does your intellect surpass your physical prowess, or vice versa?

The concept and affiliations of your character may suggest what your Attribute priorities should be, but feel free to pick any way you please. For now, think in the broadest of perspectives - you can get more specific after you understand the big picture.

After you've chosen the order of your wraith's three Attribute categories, you need to choose specific Traits from each category. Traits are adjectives that describe your character's stengths and weaknesses, defining your character just as a character in a novel is defined. In your primary (strongest) Attribute category, you can choose seven Traits. In your secondary category, you can choose five. In your tertiary (weakest) category, you can take only three. Thus, you receive a total of 15 Attribute Traits. You can take the same Trait more than once, if you wish, reflecting greater aptitude at a particular specialty.

(7 from Primary Attribute, 5 from Secondary, and 3 from Tertiary)