Character Creation

he following links will guide you through creating a Wraith character. Most of this is directly copied from Oblivion, though there are some additions of things universally approved by the Camarilla for use in all venues. Once you complete all of the steps, you will have an entirely new character created, ready for you to start playing at your next Wraith game!

To download a character sheet, visit the White Wolf website download page at Character Sheet. Go to "Mind's Eye Theatre" and download "The Oblivion: LARP."

Step One:
Inspiration: Who and what are you, how did you die, and what is your regret?
Choose Nature and Demeanor

Step Two:
Choose Attributes
Choose 5 Abilities
Choose 3 Basic Arcanoi
Choose Passions and Fetters

Step Three:
What is a Shadow?
Choose Shadow Archetype
Take one Permanent Angst point & Choose two Dark Passions
Choose two levels of Thorns

Step Four:
Choose Negative Traits or Additional Thorns
Choose Merits and Flaws
Purchase Backgrounds

Step Five:
Camarilla Membership Class Enhancements

Step Six:
Sparks of Death