Arcanoi Guilds
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uilds were once fraternal organizations uniting those who pursued mastery in certain Arcanos. After a series of uprisings, Charon disbanded the guilds and divided trade among the Legions according to an elaborate code. Since Charon’s disappearance, these trade articles have been changed or ignored. In the current economic void, barter for services has regained its old importance. Though the guilds are still officially illegal, the services they offer – built around specialized Arcanos – are in high demand. The guilds may yet make a comeback.

More than anything else, a guild is simply a way to teach and pass on the secret knowledge inherent to certain Arcanos. All guild members are independent operatives, with no formal responsibilities. Though some wraiths who excel in a given art are not guild members, most are.

Alchemists Guild: Flux Arcanos Artificers Guild: Inhabit Arcanos
Chanteurs Guild: Keening Arcanos Harbingers Guild: Argos Arcanos
Haunters Guild: Pandemonium Arcanos Masquers Guild: Moliate Arcanos
Mnemoi Guild: Mnemosynis Arcanos Monitors Guild: Lifeweb Arcanos
Oracles Guild: Fatalism Arcanos Pardoners Guild: Castigate Arcanos
Proctors Guild: Embody Arcanos Puppeteers Guild: Puppetry Arcanos
Sandmen Guild: Phantasm Arcanos Solicitors Guild: Intimation Arcanos
Spooks Guild: Outrage Arcanos Usurers Guild: Usury Arcanos